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To help you gain time, our curated men's scrub pants collection is carefully chosen to meet the needs of today’s diligent healthcare professionals. Men in the medical world are perhaps the busiest men out there, and you know that better than anyone. Here, you don't have to spend time you don't have searching through countless irrelevant scrub bottom options like you would at a standard nursing uniform store... Choose from the best; we've already weeded out the rest. Read More...

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At Murse World, we have men's scrub pants available in masculine, contemporary styles, as well as the timeless classics. Men are stronger, taller and broader than women, and the uniforms we carry are designed with that fact in mind. We have nurse pants available in both regular and tall lengths, and sizes ranging from XX Small to 7XL.

Showcase your style and professionalism with a well-fitting pair of medical uniform bottoms, while staying comfortable. Made from high quality, durable material, our pants will stand behind you throughout your shift.

If you’re looking for comfort, look no further, for we have an extensive selection of the most comfy, practical scrub pants, with many boasting spacious pockets, so that you can keep your instruments at your fingertips even when you have your hands full. With an abundance of practical features, including comfy elastic waists, adjustable waistbands, instrument loops, belt loops, and specially designed cell phone pockets, these scrub pants enable you to stay looking sharp and crisp even after a long shift on the floor.

The scrub pants you’ll find here range from casual to classic, with everything in between. Choose from casual cargo scrubs extra strong ripstop fabric uniforms, antimicrobial pants, and then some. We’ve taken care to accommodate every style and feature preference; whether you go for trendy or you’d rather stick with timeless, you’ll find the scrub you are looking for here.

We carry nursing uniforms designed by leading scrubs brands such as Grey’s Anatomy, Koi, Dickies and Cherokee, and much more.

This selection of scrub pants leads the way to a job well done. Stay confident, comfortable and ready for action in these quality, practical scrub pants.

No matter your height, style or build, when you shop at Murse World, you’ll see that those perfect scrub pants do exist, and is easy to find.

Here at Murse World, we do our best to ensure that you will be completely satisfied with your purchase. Feel free to contact us with any scrub related questions, and we will be happy to assist you!


Finding the Right Pair of Uniform Bottoms for the Male Nurse

Scrub pants are a crucial part of every male medical professional’s wardrobe. Men in the healthcare industry are often extremely busy caring for ill, elderly and injured patients, and require nursing uniform pants that are of exceptional quality, and will last through the rigors of tedious 12-hour shifts.

Luckily, at Murse World, there are many options when it comes to guys’ scrub bottoms. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of finding the pair of scrub pants that best suits your masculine build, and meets or surpasses your preferences.

Scrub Pant Styles & Fits

Not all men’s scrub bottoms are alike. Some are large and roomy, and others are modern and sleek. Many come with many pockets, and some don’t. Let’s go through the basics of different men’s scrub pants styles, and what the benefits are to each one.


These scrub pants are for male nurses who are modern, millenial and ready for action. They’re sporty and fun, and fit closer to the body than most other scrubs and have a stretch fabric component. With a look that is based on the new casual clothing trend that is going on full force in the business world, these pants make a cool, modern impression.


Jogger scrub pants are remarkably comfortable and contemporary looking. They have a unique, modern fit - they’re narrow at the bottom of the leg, and feature a knit band at each cuff. Men’s jogger scrubs, such as the pair from Cherokee Infinity, are extremely popular these days.


If you’re on the thinner side, and you like looking sleek and professional, then our men’s slim fit scrub pants will most probably fit your needs. These contemporary pants have a remarkable slenderizing effect. They fit closer to the body, yet still offer you a bit of room to breathe. A popular choice of men’s skinny fit scrub pants is the Koi Lite Slim-fit Scrub Pants.

Classic Fit:

These pants aren’t big and bulky, but neither are they tight; they’re that perfect medium. Their slight roominess allows for more flexible movement, so that you can get tasks done more efficiently and quickly. The classic fitting scrub pant for men is a basic, traditional one that has been worn for years, and is still a favorite of many nurses today.


As a general rule, low-rise pants sit at or below your hips. They may fall a few inches down, but not more than that.


These scrub pants usually sit at the hips, or an inch or two higher than the hips. Guys often look slimmer in these pants than they do in other rise styles.

Straight Leg:

The legs on these scrub bottoms have a straight, consistent width that evokes a streamlined, professional appearance. They look crisp and contemporary, and allow men in nursing scrubs to give off the right impression.

Unisex Fit:

If you like when you have lots of room in your scrub pants, you’ll enjoy wearing unisex pants. They offer a loose, easy fit.

Other types of scrub pants include men’s tapered scrub pants, tactical scrub bottoms, and other styles.

Scrub Pants Sizing

No two nurses are alike, and that’s why we offer so many sizing options at Murse World. We do our best to provide you with the scrub pants that will suit you just right. Whether you need tall scrub pants, extra small ones, or any size in between, you’re sure to find your fit at Murse World.

Scrub Pants Features

One of the premier benefits of wearing scrubs is that since they were designed specifically for healthcare professionals, they have many useful features for you. But with so many different male scrub pants that all have various different features, it can be complicated to choose which scrub has the details that will enhance your day most.


The charts below divide the features into three sections; comfortable features, fabric features and the different functional properties that are often found on nursing apparel for men.





 Elastic Waistband

 Stretches to the size of your waist


 Adjust the waistband width to your size

 Hidden Drawstring

 Provides the same benefit of a drawstring, but more discreetly

 Side Vents

 Provide more freedom of movement

 Angled Knee Darts

 Provide ease of movement






 Soil Release

 For easier removal of stains

 Double-Needle Stitching

 For a crisp look and to help seams stay in place


 Prevents the spread of germs on your scrubs


 No need to iron after the wash






 Functional Zip Fly & Button Closure

 A functional and aesthetic feature for men

 Belt Loops

 Convenient loops to secure your badge reel, keys etc.

 D-loop Ring, Bungee Loop, Key Clasp

 Options for hanging your ID card from

 Adjustable Clip Buckle Belt

 Can be adjusted to fit your waist



There’s one feature that’s so important that I couldn’t just put it into the chart; it’s an aspect that’s a non-negotiable must. And that’s pockets. The above feature options are for you to choose the ones that are best for your needs, but pockets aren’t one of those nice-to-have kind of features; most healthcare professionals consider them absolutely mandatory.

There are all different types of pockets; cargo pockets, slash pockets, back pockets, and lots more. But, the type of pocket isn’t going to make it or break it; before you choose a pair of scrub pants, just make sure that it’s a pair of men’s scrub pants with pockets. The larger, the better, and the more, the better. Some scrub pants have as many as seven pockets!

Scrub Pants Pricing

At Murse World, we strive to provide men with quality nursing uniforms that are priced right. Within our carefully curated collection of scrub bottoms specifically for men, there is a large selection to fit every budget. It makes no difference to us whether you’d like to order a pair of scrub pants that cost under $15.00, if you need a durable pair of cargo scrub pants, or if you’re looking for an exclusive Grey’s Anatomy piece. You’re a man who needs nursing scrubs, and therefore, we’d love to assist you in choosing the medical uniform that meet your standards, or surpass them.

It takes a real man to be a medical professional.

If you’re a man, shop at Murse World. We do our utmost to provide you guys with the easiest shopping experience possible.

Browse our selection today, and please call us at 888-501-4221 with any questions; we’d love to hear from you.

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