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Murse World is proud to offer a 5% discount to Students.

5% Student Discount When You Verify Using Student ID in the Cart!

Unlock your discount in 3 steps: 1) Add items to your cart; 2) Click the My Cart link at the top of the page; 3) Click the Student ID button on the Cart page to get verified!

Now for the details...

This discount is available to verified students. You can access your discount while shopping by verifying your eligibility with ID.me. The discount cannot be combined with other offers or coupon codes and may not be used for AAMN memberships or toward the purchase of Murse World gift cards.

Who is eligible?

Currently enrolled, verified students at accredited acaedmic instutitions.

What is ID.me?

ID.me is the first identity verification network that allows you to prove your group status online so you can access exclusive offers and benefits. You can also verify your group statuses including Student, Military and First Responder and attach them to your ID.me account, giving you access to exclusive offers meant only for you. Your ID.me account credential consists of the email and password you choose when registering. If I sign up for ID.me will I receive newsletters and promotions from them? You may receive a message asking you if you're interested in receiving relevant email updates, but you will not be automatically subscribed for any newsletters or required to opt-in to receive your discount.

How do I access my discount?

In order to receive your Student discount you must verify your eligibility using the ID.me service. To do so, add items to your shopping cart and then click on the "My Cart" link at the top of the page. Then scroll down to the section that says, "Get verified with ID.me" and click the Student ID button. Once you complete the ID.me verification process your discount will automatically be applied to the items in your shopping cart. It's that easy!

What if I am having trouble verifying using ID.me?

Please contact the ID.me Support team – available 24/7 to assist at 866-775-4363.