What is Murse World?

Over the years, male nurses have been brought down by the coined term “murses”.  We chose to name our company “Murse World” as a means of ‘taking back’ the term and poking fun at sexist stereotypes.  While “mursing” is close to our hearts, our store is not just for Murses.  Any male who wears scrubs can find amazing quality and selection in our store.

Murse World brings men of the medical profession what they’ve been lacking all along – a store that caters to THEIR needs!  The days of online searches for masculine scrub designs are over!  There are plenty of sites that supply overly-feminine designs and curvy cuts, but what about the men?  Murse World is the first and only store exclusively geared toward the male medical professional.

Unisex scrubs are not men’s scrubs – and we understand this. That’s why we supply all the top lines you wear, like Landau, Dickies, and Cherokee. The things that matter most for your day-to-day work needs such as cargo scrub pants, undershirts, and even accessories are now easily located all on one site.

Our concept is simple: combine the largest selection of scrubs and accessories for men with industry-leading customer service  – online. 

Shopping on our site will not only save you time, but money! We work hard to supply the types of scrubs you desire from up-to-date trends to traditional cuts, without losing sight of the most important aspects of work-wear: comfort and accessibility. No bells or whistles here, just great products at everyday low prices and (of course) excellent customer service and hassle-free returns. We put all our focus on offering the products that you want while providing you with old-fashioned "mom and pop" customer service.  To make your shopping experience even easier, we offer no-hassle returns and exchanges.  If you order the wrong size or just don't like an item, simply let us know and we'll take care of it--we'll even pay the return shipping!  To learn more, check out our shipping and returns policy.

After shopping with us, you’ll have no need to look anywhere else!

Unless you’re a woman, that is. If you are a female healthcare professional who is looking for comfortable scrubs that are pretty yet practical, our sister company, Medical Scrubs Collection, is sure to have what you need. Everything you need for your scrub wardrobe, including maternity scrubs, scrub shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, and more, all crafted from the highest quality fabric, is easily accessible at Medical Scrubs Collection. With a carefully curated array of styles, fits & prints from the best brands out there, at Medical Scrubs Collection, every girl is sure to find the nursing uniform she loves.

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