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Tips for Choosing Men’s Scrub Pants

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Before shopping for men’s scrub pants, it’s important to know what you need in a uniform. Nursing scrubs these days come with a lot of features, and although finding a pair of scrub bottoms with every feature we listed may be difficult, if you read this guide, you can get an idea of which features are most important to you in a pair of scrub pants.

  • Hidden Drawstring: The benefit of a hidden drawstring is that many people find it to have a neater, crisper look than a standard pair of men’s drawstring scrub pants. 
  • Double Needle Stitching: Scrubs with double needle stitching feature an inherent resilience. They’re made to be more durable. Usually, this stitching is in high impact places, to prevent wear and tear there. 
  • Belt Loops: Belt loops provide a space to keep key rings, a badge reel, and all kinds of other items on. We’ve noticed that men’s scrub pants with belt loops are extremely popular among our customers. 
  • Multiple Pockets: What would a nurse do without pockets? The more pockets, the better. Wisdom for life: Never choose scrubs without pockets. You’ll only regret it! 
  • Soil Release: This fabric component makes it easier to remove stains from scrub bottoms
  • Wrinkle Resistance: If you like your uniform to look crisp and neat without having to ever worry about ironing, wrinkle resistant scrubs may be just the thing for you. 
  • Side Vents: Side vents are slits at the cuff area of each pant that allow for optimal movement, making it just a bit easier for you to get around.

If you’re looking for new scrub pants for men, all the features listed above are definitely options you’ll want to look out for. You may not be able to get a pair of men’s scrub pants with every feature mentioned, but hopefully you’ll find one with the features that you find most important. Here’s to a fast and easy shopping experience!

Men's Scrubs

Men’s Slim Fit Scrub Pants: Our Most Popular Options

Most men today look for pants with a modern fit that will allow them to look professional and up-to-date. One of the best choices of contemporary nursing scrub pants today is slim fit. Here are our favorite options for men’s slim fit scrub pants on Murse World as of 2021! 

Carhartt Liberty Men’s Slim Fit Cargo Pant

The Carhartt Liberty Men’s Slim Fit Cargo Pants (item #C55106) is a great option for slim fit scrub pants. They boast a well-designed masculine fit, an inherent stretch for unsurpassed comfort, and plenty of pockets so that important items can be kept on hand. These pants are modern and sleek, and feature futuristic technologies including FastDry & Stain Breaker. Looking for rugged men’s scrub pants with a slim fit design? Try this pair today!

Koi Lite Men’s Endurance F-Stop Pocket Pant

Looking for a straight leg slim fit pair of scrub pants that’s lightweight and easy to wear? Then this pair of Koi Lite Scrub Pants (item #603) is something you should definitely look into. It’s fabulously lightweight, and the fabric is breathable and wicks away moisture so that you can stay cool, dry and comfortable all shift long. This pair of scrub pants features innovative military patented F-Stop slip pockets in front, which will keep the stuff stored in them secure so that they don’t slip out. If you’re looking for slim fit, lightweight scrubs that are as comfortable as they are practical, this is an awesome choice to look into!

WonderWink Aero Men’s Slim Fit Stretch Scrub Pant

These slim fit men’s scrub pants (item #5429) from WonderWink are modern, bold and spectacularly comfortable. These scrub pants feature posh details including knit panel inserts at the upper hips, a soft knit waistband with an inner drawstring, and other indulgent features. This pair of men’s scrub pants comes in multiple sizes, ranging from extra small to 3XL, and most sizes are also available in tall, so no matter your shape or size, you’re bound to find a pair of these pants in a size that will suit you perfectly. 

Carhartt Men’s Ripstop Rugged Flex Slim Fit Scrub Pant

Looking for tough scrubs that will take you through your shift? Look no further! These ripstop scrub pants (item #C56418) from Carhartt are perfect for men in the medical world. They’re tough, durable, and made to last through countless difficult shifts. With eleven pockets, five belt loops and plenty more practical features, this is the perfect pair of scrub pants for today’s medical professional. Triple needle stitching and rugged flex technology enhance the durability and comfort of these pants. These are sure to become an easy favorite of yours. 

Grey’s Anatomy Men’s Modern Slim Fit 6-Pocket Derek Cargo Pant

You’re a professional, and you deserve to be impeccably dressed. Enter Grey’s Anatomy. Grey’s Anatomy scrubs belong on a different tier; they’re literally a level above. Because when everyone is counting on you, every detail counts. Try this pair of Derek slim fit cargo pants for an extraordinarily soft feel, effortless style, and unparalleled practicality. 

Make a sleek, polished impression with a sharp pair of slim fit scrub pants! You can also find men’s scrub tops, nursing jackets, and more. Shop now!

Men's Scrubs

Best Men’s Scrub Sets for 2021

Ever since men’s scrub sets were introduced at Murse World, they’ve been perpetually gaining popularity. Men appreciate scrub sets because first of all, they cut online shopping time in half, and they also come coordinated so you don’t have to waste time trying to match up scrubs. So, essentially, ordering a scrub set saves a man time and energy. 

Here are our favorite scrub sets for 2021. These include sets from a large range of well known brands, including Cherokee Uniforms, Carhartt, Koi Men’s Scrubs, and much more. 

Koi Men’s Scrub Set 

This Koi Men’s Scrub Set, with the Jason top and James scrub pants, features an amazing fit and serious comfort, and is offered at a very affordable price. It comes in 4 colors and is available in a selection of colors and sizes. This is actually a great option if you’re looking for a tall men’s scrub set, since this set is available with a pair of 33” tall men’s scrub pants! 

Cherokee Men’s Workwear Scrub Set

The Cherokee Men’s Workwear Scrub Set is designed for male medical professionals who need scrubs that are very functional, and easy to care for. The top comes with Dolman sleeves and a chest pocket, and the cargo scrub pants come with several pockets, and are available in a tall size (36” length). 

Grey’s Anatomy Men’s Scrub Set

This is a classic designer scrub set you can’t go wrong with. This Grey’s Anatomy Set, with the 0103 scrub top and 0203 pants, is a staple every man deserves to have in his closet. It’s extraordinarily soft and comfortable, perfect for hardworking men in the medical world who deserve to feel their best. 

Carhartt Scrub Set

This men’s scrub set from Carhartt has a contemporary fit and is tailored to suit today’s medical professionals. It’s well-priced, and has many functional features. If you’re looking for a well fitting scrub uniform set that will have you looking polished, posh and professional, this is a great choice!

Jockey Scrub Set 

Experience incredible comfort with this indulgently comfortable scrub set from Jockey! This set is extremely well-priced, yet so, so comfortable. Side vents along with the stretch fabric composition make movement easy in this scrub set. This set comes with Tall-Small, Tall-Medium, and Tall-Large options, so that no matter a man’s size, he can enjoy wearing this Jockey Scrub Set. 

If you’re looking for a men’s scrub set, these are your top options to choose from! Shop now!

Men's Scrubs

Best Cargo Scrub Pants for Men – 2021

If you’re trying to find the best cargo scrub pants for men, you’re in the right place. Here at Murse World, we’ve noticed that one of the most popular types of scrub pants our customers choose is men’s cargo scrub pants. If you’re looking for cargo scrub pants, here are some of our favorite options!

Cherokee WW Professionals Men’s Cargo Scrub Pants – WW190

These cargo scrub pants from Cherokee Uniforms are a classic. They’re durable and affordable, and fit great. They come in loads of sizes and colors. Perfect for male medical professionals looking for a simple, easy pair of cargo scrub pants you can’t go wrong with. 

Carhartt Liberty Men’s Cargo Scrub Pants – C55106

If you’re a fan of Carhartt scrubs, this one’s for you. The Carhartt Liberty Men’s Cargo Scrub Pants have a really masculine fit, and lots of features, including seven pockets. If you’re looking for tough cargo scrub pants, these Carhartt scrub bottoms are an excellent choice!

Grey’s Anatomy Wesley Men’s Cargo Scrub Pants – GRSP507

The Grey’s Anatomy Men’s Wesley Cargo Scrub Pants are a great option if you’re looking to go high end! This pair of scrub pants is sleek and modern, and comes in short, regular and tall sizes. It even has moisture wicking and soil release properties! This is an exclusive pair of cargo scrub pants, really durable, and worth the price. 

Koi Basics Luke Men’s Cargo Scrub Pants – 605

Put your best foot forward with these cargo scrub pants. Look sharp, polished and capable with these pants as you go about your shift. These pants pair perfectly with the Bryan pants from Koi, and have a very crisp, modern look.

If you’re looking for cargo pants, these are all great choices. You’ll figure out which one is best for you depending on your style. We hope you enjoy the scrub pants you buy, and if you have any questions before you place your order, give us a call. 

Men's Scrubs

2021: If You Wear Men’s Scrubs, You’ll Never Forget This Year

Wow! 2020 was a year any medical professional will never forget. Nurses and doctors were at the front lines during COVID, and helping their patients and themselves battle the virus is not something that will slip away from their memory to fast. So many things in the medical industry have changed in the last few months, and some of these changes have had a huge impact. So, what changed for men’s scrubs in 2020, you ask?

Well, firstly, many antimicrobial scrubs are becoming more popular and in demand. Scrubs manufacturers are working hard to create and expand their lines of clothing with this added feature. Antimicrobial scrubs are medical clothing that are made with an extra layer to protect against harmful bacteria, yeast, and algae that grows on garments. This layer of protection in high quality scrubs like Cherokee Infinity usually do not wear out or wash out. Scrubs with this technology will help you feel fresher and cleaner due to less odor, bacteria and staining that stick to the garments. Many doctors and nurses are turning only to scrubs and accessories with this technology.

There are many new scrub hats and non-medical masks for the new year. Scrub hats and masks are nothing new, however, with the great need to keep medical professionals protected from the virus there are many scrub caps and masks being created catered for this new time era. One great feature on new scrub hats are the snaps or buttons to attach a face mask that have become the new mandatory norm. Many medical professionals had sores around their ears from the elastic or material brushing against their skin all day from the face mask loops. The new scrub caps come with a place to attach the face mask to the hat to avoid soreness in the area. Many male nurses totally swear by these scrub caps and are leaving raving reviews about them.

Lastly the let us not forget about the joggers! Men’s scrub jogger pants are still the most up to date scrub pants. There are many new jogger styled pants available for the year 2021. The RothWear Scrubs Collection, launched just for men by Med Couture, features an awesome new jogger. Carharrtt, WonderWink, and Barco One Wellness are just a few popular men’s scrub brands that introduced brand new jogger style scrub pants. 

So, as we step into year 2021, we can’t wait to see what else will be in store for us this year!

Men's Scrubs

How to Find the Perfect Men’s Scrub Set

Are you shopping around for men’s scrubs and hitting a brick wall? Not sure what to look for? Unsure of what each one has to offer? Too many choices and don’t know what which uniform will suit your needs? There are few crucial components to look out for in every scrub uniform that will make it unique. Here is a quick overview of these components that will simplify your shopping process to get you your dream scrub uniform.


The fit of your scrubs is a key factor for a nurse or medical professional to be comfortable during their long shifts and workdays. Whether you are a guy that is small or large, you must have a preference with how snug or lose you like your clothing on you. You will find some slimmer fits and some looser fits. Look out in the product details and name if the fit is a modern tight fit or a classic baggy one. See if the pants are a high rise or low-rise. Be sure to note that different brands tend to have different lines with every type of fit. So, do not get discouraged if one line in a specific brand did not work for you.

Material Content:

Like any other article of clothing, scrubs are each made up of different fabrics. Some will be softer, and some will be tougher. You will find silky and stretchy fabrics, thin and cheapy fabrics and of course, high quality, breathable fabrics as well. Be sure to check the material composition to see what your uniform is made up of and it matches what you are looking for. You may find a great style and fit for yourself, however, if you are looking for a stretchy soft material and the scrub set is made up of a tough polyester that does not move with you – that won’t work too well. So be sure to check out what materials the scrubs are made from.


Being in the medical field requires your scrubs to not only be a fashion statement and something to keep you warm and uniformed with your peers, but serves as a daily tool that assists you with your everyday job. Your scrubs are your best friends and must be able to assist you with your daily tasks. Check if the pockets are in the correct positions. Check if there is a functional zip fly. Some love a drawstring at the waist while others can’t stand it since theirs tend gets tangled. Some only want belt loops while some need a cell phone pocket. Perhaps you want breathable mesh to keep you cool during long shifts. Keeping all the functions you need in mind; we’ll help you narrow down your choices until you hit the perfect product for you.

Size and Color:

Many guys need an unusual size or color. It will surely help to filter and narrow your choices down by that first. Many jobs require different scrub uniform colors that are not so popular, and some men just do not fit into the standard sizes. Majority of scrubs come in the basic core colors of black, navy, grey, and ceil blue. The most common sizes for men’s scrubs are Small through 3XL. So, if any of those won’t work for you, the good news is that many scrub brands will carry sizes XS- 5XL and a large array of colors as well. So before delving into fit and functionality be sure to narrow down by your size and color to avoid a loss of wasted time.

After reading this, sit down and put together a list of what is most important to you to have in your scrub uniform. This should help you narrow down your options and hit the perfect male scrub set! Happy shopping!